For over six decades, campers have looked back at their time at Friends Camp as a wonderful and life-changing experience. Summer after summer, our counselors and campers have created their own intentional community based on five important goals:

  • AdelbergFriendsCamp43Create an atmosphere of tolerance and love where special friendships can develop.
  • Develop a community that sees the light of goodness in everyone.
  • Live the Quaker values of community, equality, integrity, peace, & simplicity.
  • Offer interesting, creative, non-competitive and fun activities that help young people grow into healthy and responsible adults.
  • Work toward a more diverse community by providing affordable tuition and camperships.

We are also a camp full of silliness and lots of zany fun! Our goal is to help each individual become a more thoughtful, joyful, and caring person.

Young people ages 7 to 17 attend Friends Camp in four age-appropriate sessions. Our traditional sessions run for two weeks each and are full of all kinds of interesting activities. Campers can attend Friends Camp for one, two, four, or in some cases, six weeks. Friends Camp is a small camp with 85 to 110 campers. Our rustic cabins have bunks for between 7 to 12 campers, with one or two counselors sleeping in each cabin. Campers develop a strong loyalty to Friends Camp, and they look forward to returning summer after summer.

In an increasingly hectic world, Friends Camp is one of the few remaining places that young people can go to reconnect with nature and learn a sense of community through spiritual fellowship. At Friends Camp, we provide a place for children to get away from television and video games, cell phones, e-mail, social media.

Friends Camp has been a very meaningful and life-changing experience for many young people. They have taken part in this summer adventure and have learned new things, tried new activities, become more thoughtful, and have shared special bonds with some very special friends. Some of our campers come from Quaker families, but most hail from other backgrounds. We welcome youth of all faiths as well as those who identify with no particular faith at all.