Some of our sessions for 2019 are waitlisted. We are glad there is so much enthusiasm about attending Friends Camp this summer, and we are also sad that not everyone who wishes to attend will get the chance. We do take several campers off waitlists, up until the very start of the session. Unfortunately it’s impossible to predict exactly how many spaces will open up for a given session.

Below is our waitlist process:

  1. If you wish to be on a waitlist for a session, you need to fill out the brief camper application. You’ll know the session is waitlisted because it will have a red hourglass next to the session. The system will collect credit card info from you (unless you select “pay by check,” but you will NOT be charged a deposit for a space on the waitlist.
  2. Campers are taken in order as places open up, although sometimes a space will open up only in a boys or a girls cabin depending on enrollment numbers.
  3. As soon as a space is open, you will be contacted by phone and email, and you will have 48 hours confirm that you would like the spot. If you do not confirm within 48 hours, we will move on to the next person on the list.
  4. No deposit is due to remain on the waitlist; you will not be charged unless your camper is enrolled.

Please feel free to call Anna (207) 445-2361 at any time to check your status on the waitlist or to ask questions about our process or our camp. She will be very happy to talk with you! We really do take several campers off the waitlist for a given season. We are hopeful your camper will have an opportunity to be with us. We will open registration around November 1 for next summer; feel free to mark the date on your calendar!