Questions about waterfront time?

Some of the most frequently asked questions from prospective campers and parents are: "What activities are available at waterfront? What does waterfront look like? How do you stay safe?" Check out this video to learn a little bit more about our waterfront on China Lake. Keep in mind that the Friends Camp philosophy values camper choice. Some campers like to canoe during waterfront. Others learn to sail, swim, chill on the dock, play cards with friends, play volleyball, read a book, use a sketchbook, or play ping pong. When they first arrive to Friends Camp, campers do a "swim check" with their cabin group. Our waterfront director assesses campers' swimming abilities and assigns them to either the deep or shallow swim area. This method of checks helps us ensure that campers are taking appropriate challenges while being safe in the swim area. Swimmers and boaters use the buddy system at camp, and we keep track of buddies using buddy tags and checks every 15 minute.