Ty was a Friends Camp counselor from 2017-2019. Ty’s first summer at camp was as a counselor (she wasn’t a camper first). We love to have staff members who are brand new to Friends Camp, because they bring in amazing new ideas!

I learned how to be organized and how to innovate, like with making new activities.

Ty Simmons

How did you hear about Friends Camp?

I heard about Friends Camp through a teacher at my high school who was a camper when she was a kid! She recommended it to me in 2017.

What was your favorite part of being a counselor?

I think the creativity part is my favorite! We don’t have a lot of things at camp so we get to be creative with what we do have, and kids get to do new, fun, exciting activities with new people.

Do you remember an activity you ran that you really liked?

I ran a spa program that was really fun where we did like self-care things. There were two or three boys that joined, too, and that was fun for them to learn about skin care and get to try something new. Boys don’t get to do that at other places a lot of the time.

When you think about camp, are there particular days or moments that come to mind?

Camp seems very weird to people who have never been there, and when you talk about it to those people it sounds really cheesy, but people love camp. You know, you get to eat ice cream out of gutters or other crazy things like that, things that you don’t get to do at home. It’s a new environment where kids can try new things, meet new people, and a lot of the relationships you make there, as camper or a counselor, become life long.

What do you feel like you learned from working at camp and how do you feel like it applies in other areas of your life?

I learned how to be organized and how to innovate, like with making new activities. You also have to learn how to communicate differently with different ages and different groups at camp. You can’t talk to the young kids the same way you talk to the older kids, so you have to learn to adjust your communication styles which is really important.