Top 10 Reasons to Work at Friends Camp

(as told by the 2017 summer staff)

  1. You know your work matters, because impacting campers is so important. It feels like even the little things you do help people.

  2. Bonding with people from all around the world and creating lasting friendships with fellow staffers.

  3. Your bosses and coworkers care about you as a whole human and value the things you are good at.

  4. The food rocks. (Plus, if you’re lucky you might get some yummy cookies).

  5. Stretching your creative boundaries—if you can come up with the program idea, you can usually make it happen. Alien invasions, bottle rockets, the list is endless.

  6. A summer job where housing and food is taken care of for you. We even do your laundry and give you basic first-aid.

  7. Summer in Maine. The weather is lovely, and there’s lots of beautiful outdoor, relaxing, or culinary adventures you can explore on time off!

  8. Emphasis on Quaker Values—everyone contributes and has value.

  9. It is incredibly motivating to be trusted and appreciated by campers!

  10. Develop skills that will help you in almost any career, including teamwork, planning, thinking on your feet, communication, and more. Many employers love to hire former camp counselors, because they know they are dedicated, creative, and caring.

To apply to work at Friends Camp, visit the employment page of this website. You can also contact the camp director, Anna, at (207) 445-2361 or