The Nest Club: Monthly Sustainers

Members of the Nest Club are some of Friends Camp’s most loyal supporters. Joining the Nest Club is a budget-friendly way to feel a year-round connection to Friends Camp. As a member of the nest club, you can choose a monthly amount to contribute, and we will automatically process the charge each month. The name “Nest Club” refers to the fact that these donors help to build the foundation of love and support to nurture campers each summer.

We are so especially grateful for those Nest Club members who have helped Friends Camp through the challenging summer of 2020.

You can enter a credit card or a bank account on this page, and we will automatically charge each month unless you ask us to stop. There is no minimum monthly donation. Every gift matters! Nest Club members sometimes receive perks like camper artwork in the mail (although these gifts are somewhat different in a pandemic summer). This relationship is a two-way street. THANK YOU!