What positions exist at camp?

Most people we hire each year work as camp counselors. Additional positions exist, including support staff, kitchen staff, leadership staff, and health staff. See positions we are currently hiring for on this page.

If I am a counselor, what age group will I work with? Who are Friends Camp campers?

At Friends Camp, counselors work with kids of all ages! The sessions are divided by age: the first session is the youngest kids ages 7-12, the second session is middle schoolers (10-13), and the last two sessions are high schoolers (13-17). During each of these sessions, campers throughout the age range do activities together. In most summers, we make an effort to put younger campers with older campers in the same cabin. 

Friends Campers hail primarily from New England, with almost half of our campers coming to camp from Maine. About 20% of Friends Campers are Quakers (or Friends), and we welcome campers from all religious backgrounds or no religious background. Campers are diverse in their socioeconomic backgrounds, races, ethnicities, genders, abilities, and interests. Our goal as a camp is to provide a welcoming and inclusive space to all campers.

As a counselor, how many kids will I look after at once?

Counselors are responsible for different groups of campers during the day, from their cabin, to the kids in their activities, to groups of kids at meals and during free time. Generally, you will not be singularly responsible for a group larger than 7 or 8 campers. 

How long is the summer?

The dates for all staff for 2023 are June 16th at noon to August 19th at noon. Some staff members will arrive early for lifeguard, health hut, or boating orientation..

What skills do I gain from a summer of working at camp?

Working at camp in any capacity allows you to participate in community-building, to take on a leadership role, and to build your skills of communication, problem solving, and thinking on the fly. A summer at camp requires you to be open and communicative with the other people you are working with, and to step in when you see issues arising. Friends you make as a camp counselor are often friends for life, and you will probably laugh harder in this job than in any job.

Do I need any special skills to work at camp?

Friends Camp requires staff members to have experience working with kids (or comparable family experience), an openness to Quaker values and living, and the ability to lead fun activities. Each summer, we also look to hire a certain number of lifeguards and staff proficient in boating, as well as staff who are excellent kitchen helpers, and staff who are trained in Wilderness First Aid. Your specific skills– magic tricks, volleyball, or accordion– may have a place here. Make sure to tell us about them on your application! 

How stressful is working at camp?

A summer at camp is definitely taxing, emotionally and physically, because the days are long and spent mainly moving around. Caring for other people as your main job can be draining. But don’t let that scare you! First and foremost, your well-being is always a priority. The rest of the staff is there for you when there is an issue, and it is always ok to ask for help when you need it. Furthermore, it is important to know what you need, and what helps you de-stress. Knowing yourself and making sure you get the rest you need is important to having the best summer you can! Many staff find that the routine of camp, including regular sleep hours, healthy food, and active time outdoors contributes to their well-being.

What does staff training entail?

Staff training is one week long, and an important time to get to know the other staff, to learn more about how Friends Camp operates, and to participate in training activities that prepare you for caring for kids.  

How much do camp staff get paid, and how often? Are there other benefits?

The starting salary for new counselors in 2023 is $350 per week. Depending on your position and your experience, you can expect to be paid $350- $450 per week to work at camp for most positions. An additional $250 bonus will be given to staff who are lifeguards. Returning cabin counselors also get a bonus at the end of the summer if they work the entire season. Salaries are paid once per session (4 times a summer) via check or direct deposit. Working at camp also covers your cost of food, housing, and laundry for the summer! Additional benefits include dietary accommodation and providing small stipends for staff seeking assistance with travel costs.

What does staff time off look like at camp?

Staff gets one day off every week, as well as a few days off between sessions. There are also down times during the day for staff, including rest hour or time at night, as well as distinct slots of time off for counselors during a few typical days in a session. Staff have the option to leave camp on their weekly day off as well as in between sessions.