Why: The goal of this program is to provide an enriching experience for some of our oldest campers who are interested in youth work, Quakerism, and leadership. The three main goals for Rising Leaders are:

  • To explore a deeper understanding of Quakerism and the way it shapes the Friends Camp community.
  • To gain knowledge of personal strengths and how to use these as leaders.
  • To plan and lead fun, creative, and safe programs for youth ages 7-12.

Who: This program has limited spaces for campers who are 17 or who have already completed their junior year of high school. All participants will have been Friends Campers in the past, and an application process will determine acceptance. We are looking for Rising Leaders who love Friends Camp, want to learn how to be a better leader, and who are ready to consider others’ needs as well as their own.

When: All Rising Leaders will attend two weeks of camp during Jones Session. Some additional online engagement will be required before the summer.

How: Interested campers should register for the Rising Leader program through our camper registration portal and upload a complete Rising Leader Application. The link to the application is located at the top of this page. The deadline for applications for the 2023 summer is January 21, 2023.

Cost: This program will cost $350 per participant. You are encouraged to apply for campership funds through your camper portal if your family cannot afford this amount.


Application Guidelines:

  • To apply to be a Rising Leader in 2023, please register as a “camper” and select the Rising Leader session. A parent/ guardian must help you do this step. Please keep in mind that we have limited space in this program, so registering online does NOT indicate that you have been accepted as a Rising Leader.
  • Each Rising Leader applicant is responsible for filling out an application and uploading it through our online portal. See the link to the application at the top of this page. Applications are due by January 31, 2023.
  • Once you upload your completed application to Camp Brain, Assistant Director Evelyn will reach out by email to schedule an interview.
  • After the application and interview have been completed, we will let you know if you have been accepted to the program. If all spaces are full, we will not allow any more online registrations.


Frequently Asked Questions:

If I am a Rising Leader, will I be “on staff”? Rising Leaders are campers, not staff members. Their purpose in being at camp is learning skills to run youth programs and be a better leader. Rising Leaders will not have regular access to technology, participate in time off with staff members, or join in staff meeting. We hope that this program will help many Rising Leaders develop the skills needed to be on the Friends Camps staff one day!

How will Rising Leaders spend their days? RLs will spend some time with the group of RLs and the RL coordinator, some time with smaller groups of campers,  and some time with the entire camp community. RLs live in cabins of younger youth along with camp counselors. Each day will include a morning program for RLs focused on building community and developing skills working with youth, a chance to run programs for youth (with the support of counselors), some free time as a group of RLs, and opportunities to learn counselor basics such as leading “jobs” and giving messages at Meeting for Worship.

How will being a Rising Leader feel different than being a camper? Think of it like the difference between visiting a party and helping to host a party. This program will ask RLs to think about others’ needs as well as their own. Rising Leaders will be people who care deeply about Friends Camp and our mission and values. Thus, we hope will find the challenging work of being a leader at camp rewarding and meaningful.

Will I have access to my cell phone? Like other campers, RLs will not have access to their tech devices during their time at camp. Of course, if you need to be in touch with your folks we can help out!

If I attend camp as a Rising Leader, can I still attend Rustin/ Fell Session? Yes! Any camper who is a rising leader during Jones Session will be able to attend the teenage Rustin or Fell Sessions in the traditional camper program.

Where will Rising Leaders live? RLs will live in cabins with counselors and youth ages 7-12. Being a positive and helpful presence is an important part of the program, but RLs will not be left alone with campers or be expected to lead a cabin group without counselors present. There will be a dedicated staff member who will act as the “shepherd” for the flock of Rising Leaders. This person will be available as a resource to you before and after the summer, as well as during the entire camp session.