Is your child ready to spend a week or two at Friends Camp? Are you ready?

As we all know, young people mature in different ways and at different times. Some children may be ready to attend overnight camp when they are seven years old, and others may not be ready until they are thirteen. To help give you a better idea of when is the right time to send your child to Friends Camp, please sit down with your child and take these two short quizzes.

 Camper Quiz

  • Do you enjoy staying overnight at a friend’s house?  YES – NO
  • Can you make your own bed and keep track of your own things? YES – NO
  • Could you walk to a nearby building to brush your teeth and go to the bathroom? YES – NO
  • Do you enjoy playing outdoor games, sports, and taking part in group activities? YES – NO
  • Are you willing to help with camp jobs, like sweeping, setting tables and washing dishes? YES – NO

 Parent Quiz

  • Are you prepared to not see your child for a week or two? YES – NO
  • Are you OK communicating with your child only by mail or e-mail? YES – NO
  • Are you confident in your child’s ability to take care of themselves and their belongings? YES – NO
  • Do you believe that Friends Camp will help to increase your child’s independence? YES – NO
  • Are you willing to entrust the mature counselors at Friends Camp with the care of your child? YES – NO

Mark one point for every “YES!”

Future Camper Score ____

Parent(s) Score ___

If you and your child are able to answer YES to three or more of these questions, then you are definitely ready to sign up for Friends Camp. If your child is ready to attend an overnight camp and you still have some reservations, please call the camp director and chat about your concerns.

If you wish learn why it is helpful and important to have your child attend sleep away camp, please read Michael Thompson’s book Homesick and Happy – How time away from parents can help a child grow.

My special thanks to the Girl Scouts of Maine for the idea for this camper/parent quiz.