What You Will Need to Pack for the Fox or Fell Adventure Camping Trips

fireFriends Camp will provide tents, cooking equipment and food. We have extra sleeping pads, water bottles, daypacks, and lightweight sleeping bags, so it is not necessary to buy these items for these outdoor trips. Please pack properly, because you will be hiking all day and sleeping in a tent for one night.

 (All Clothing/Items Must Be Marked With Camper’s Full Name)

 Necessary items:

  • Sleeping bag: A standard bag with synthetic fill
  • Sleeping pad: Therm-a-rest or hard foam
  • Footwear: Lightweight hiking boots. Please – no sneakers!
  • Water Bottles: Two water bottles.
  • Socks: One pair of wool socks (70% wool) or SmartWool socks.
  • Mess Kit: Plate, bowl, fork, knife, spoon, and cup (plastic or light metal)
  • Baseball cap or a hat with a full brim.
  • Rain Jacket and rain/wind pants
  • Long sleeve synthetic shirt or lightweight coat
  • Backpack: Large enough to carry these items


Please call the summer office (207-445-2361) if you need to use our equipment or if you are not sure about certain items on this list.