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Parents will need to visit their CampInTouch dashboard to complete the following forms. Choose “Forms and Documents” from your account home and you will see the required forms listed. Most forms can be scanned as a PDF file and uploaded directly from your computer or even your smart phone. You can also fax forms to 781-295-3405; this is an electronic fax system, so no cover sheet is required. The bar code on each of the provided forms will route them directly to your child’s account.

Paper forms may be mailed to Friends Camp, but must be mailed prior to June 1st. It is our preference that forms be transmitted electronically whenever possible. If you have a smartphone, you can use an app such as TinyScanner or GeniusScan to easily scan your paper forms.

Health History
 Start here! This is an online health information form that must be completed by a parent/guardian, and must be submitted by June 1st. Have your insurance card handy as well as any daily medications your child will take at camp. This form also gives us permission to treat your child. It is important you provide a complete health history, so that we can best care for your camper.

Health Care Provider Exam This is a paper form that needs to be completed by physician, physician assistant or in some states a nurse practitioner. They may use our provided form or send their own standard school/camp physical form, as long as it indicates that they are able to attend and participate in camp. Most medical offices will fax this form directly to Friends Camp at (781-295-3405), or forms can be scanned as a PDF and uploaded into your account. 

Immunization Form If immunizations are not included in your Health History above, this form needs to be completed by a parent or a medical office and then faxed back to Friends Camp (781-295-3405) or scanned and uploaded into your account. When faxing immunization records from a medical office, these can be the second page after our bar coded form, because the bar code will route the form to your account. 

We have three additional forms that are relevant for some camprs. Please complete the Immunization Waiver, the Self Administered Medication Form, and the Mental Health Form as needed. Below is our policy for self administration of medications.


This policy is primarily for campers who need use life-saving medications for asthma and allergies. These medications include, but are not limited to, an asthma inhaler or an epinephrine (epi) pen. Youth at Friends Camp are permitted to have readily available (I.E. in the cabin, in a pocket or a backpack/purse) and they can self-administer emergency medications only if the following three conditions are met:

  • A camper who self-administers emergency medication must have the prior written approval of the camper’s primary health care provider and the camper’s parent or guardian.
  • The camper’s parent or guardian must submit written verification to Friends Camp from the camper’s primary health care provider confirming that the camper has the knowledge and the skills to safely self-administer the emergency medication.
  • The Friends Camp Health Hut staff must evaluate the camper’s technique to ensure proper and effective use of the emergency medication.

A camper who self-administers emergency medication must have the prior written approval of the camper’s primary health care provider and the camper’s parent or guardian.