Camp Director

 Anna Hopkins Buller has been the camp director at Friends Camp since September 2016, following several summers on staff as an Assistant Director, Watercraft Director, and counselor. In the fall, winter, and spring months, Anna spends her time hosting rental grounds at camp, recruiting campers and staff, dreaming up big new ideas for camp, and working with the Friends Camp Committee to keep camp safe and sustainable for the future. When not at camp, Anna lives in Boston, Massachusetts with her husband Christian.

With a background as a science teacher and a graduate of Williams College with a degree in Biology and Leadership Studies, Anna is especially passionate creating equitable opportunities for all children to participate in empowering outdoor education. Anna also received a Masters of Business Administration in Social Impact from Boston University.

Anna believes in the power of summer camp to empower children of all ages and teach them new ways to be their best selves. She is amazed every summer by the growth campers can experience in just one or two weeks of summer camp. Anna is Board member of Maine Summer Camps and a facilitator for The Summer Camp Society and loves learning alongside peer camp directors to build better camps, serving more children.

Anna grew up a member of Hockessin Friends Meeting in Delaware, and she is now a member of the New England Yearly Meeting year-round staff. Email Anna


Camp counselors and staff are chosen from students and graduates of colleges and universities in the United States, and from around the world. We seek young adults ages 19 to 26 who are caring and loving people with character, maturity, and a sincere  interest in making our world a better and more peaceful place for everyone.

Most importantly, we look for staff members who have the judgment and the maturity to ensure that all of our campers are emotionally and physically safe during their time at Friends Camp. We look for counselors who have a sincere desire to work and live in community with children.

Our camper-to-counselor ratio is 4: 1.

Assistant Director: Evelyn Kirby

Evelyn Kirby has been a part of the Friends Camp community for over ten years – first as a camper for seven summers, then as a counselor in 2018 and 2019, and is now inhabiting the role of assistant director following the summer of 2021. When not at camp, Evelyn lives in Northampton, MA working part-time for Friends Camp helping with registration, publications, hiring, and more. Evelyn also works part-time at an elementary after-school program, and runs the First Day School at Northampton Friends Meeting. 

Evelyn graduated from Mount Holyoke College in 2021 where they majored in Gender Studies and Politics. Evelyn brings these areas of study to camp through facilitating positive discussions for campers about gender and identity. 

For Evelyn, the best part about working at Friends Camp is the opportunity to create a welcoming and fun space for any and every child. As a camper, Evelyn loved the sense of community camp provided, and they are passionate about giving new campers (and staff!) the same access to that joy.

Support Staff

Support staff during the summer months at Friends Camp include a cook and cooks’ assistants, a part-time nurse, a maintenance director, a waterfront director, an assistant director, and a lead counselor. These staff usually have the experience of several years working at Friends Camp and are selected for their good judgment, skills in their area, leadership ability, compassion, and communication skills.