When we first started imagining “virtual camp” it seemed like an oxymoron. But, I believe we’ve created a new camp opportunity that is authentic to our Friends Camp community. It is going to be so fun!!! Everybody Camp is FREE, has a flexible schedule, is open to ANYONE, and will offer opportunities for reflection, connection, and genuine camp silliness. We have a small group of local camp counselors who will be living on site during this program, as well as a team of returning camp staff to run programs from their homes. Registration is required so we can send you Zoom links and do our best planning. Register by July 1 to be eligible for Programs (small groups, meet daily) and to receive an envelope of camp goodies in the mail. 

Click here to register for Everybody Camp!!!

Everybody Camp Frequently Asked Questions

Who is “everybody?”
Everybody! We are hoping that this session will bring together current campers and their families, camp alums, Friends/ Quakers, camp staff, camp grandparents, and more. We are working to make this gathering as accessible as possible; please reach out if you have suggestions about how we can make it even more welcoming.

What does it cost?
Free!!! There is zero cost to participate. If you are interested in making a contribution to Friends Camp, please visit our Donate page. Thank you!

What kinds of things will we do?
Everybody Camp will have 4 main components.
(1) You can sign up for Programs in advance, which will meet for 1 hour each day for a week in small groups over Zoom. There are ten total offerings each week, for many different age groups, including adults! Morning Program Options: See the overview below, and click here to read age restrictions and program descriptions.
(2) Every afternoon, camp staff will also offer drop-in Electives at 3 pm and 4 pm Eastern Time over Zoom. Prepare for some classic Friends Camp silliness. Electives will all be kid-friendly and will be announced each day.
(3) Evenings will offer an opportunity to connect as a whole camp community in All-Camp Events over Zoom. Check out our all-camp events posted below; we can’t wait to see you there.
(4) We also believe it is important to connect off-screen. Each day, Everybody Camp participants will get an email with “do along” activities to try at home, a video message from a camp community member, and more.

What is the time commitment to participate?
This program is very flexible. You can show up for one brief elective, or make it your business to be at every event! We are asking people who register for a program to commit to that time, since we have limited spaces in those small groups.

I am concerned about “Zoombombing” and internet safety. Will this be safe for my child?
We have prepared to make these online gatherings safe for all participants. Some safety measures will include Zoom waiting rooms, two Friends Camp adults present for all events, and guidance for families before we begin. We are also very open to your input and feedback. Please watch this video to hear Anna (camp director) and Lauren (assistant director) share about some of the ways we’ll stay safe.