Registration FAQs

When does registration open? Do I need to register right away? Registration will open at 12 pm Eastern time on Saturday, November 6th. Last year we had opened registration with very limited space in our sessions and some filled quickly (the same day). This year we are opening many more spaces, but if you are sure you want your children to attend camp then it is a good idea to register as soon as you are able. When you are ready to register, you will visit and sign up through our Camp Brain portal. As soon as you start a camper application, it will hold your “spot” for 30 minutes so there is no need to rush through the application at any time. Can campers register for more than one session? Yes! If they are of the appropriate age, campers may register for more than one session in 2022. If campers are registered for more than one session, can they stay over at camp the weekend in between sessions? We are offering a stay-over at camp weekend between Rustin and Fell sessions, for teens who wish to stay at camp for a full month. The additional cost for the stayover weekend from Friday- Sunday is $200. Campers attending multiple sessions including Jones or Mott will need to be picked up during the break from camp. Will campers be wearing masks in 2022? What Covid-19 protocols will be in place? We wish we could predict what the state of the pandemic would be in June, July, and August! Based on our experience at camp last summer, we are ready if the pandemic is causing high transmission of Covid-19 in our communities. We hope that the [...]