How has Friends Camp handled the Covid-19 pandemic so far?

In 2020, Friends Camp offered virtual-only camp. In 2021, we offered a slightly modified session structure and capped our session enrollment at 80%. Due to careful layering of Covid-19 prevention strategies (high vaccination rates, pre- camp and during-camp PCR testing, mask-wearing, outdoor activities, small groups, and more), we were able to operate our summer without any Covid-19 outbreaks or cases.

What are the plans for camp in 2022?

We are returning to our traditional 4, 2-week sessions during the Summer of 2022, with a limited number of 1-week cabin groups during our Jones Session (ages 7-12). Based on our experience from 2021, we will layer as many strategies as needed during Summer 2022 to ensure that we can operate a safe experience again. Certain changes from 2021 we really enjoyed, such as eating meals outside whenever the weather is good. We also enjoyed spending more time in the first few days of camp in cabin groups. We learned that certain layers, such as mask wearing and testing, did not impede our ability to enjoy camp or to build a community together. As Summer 2022 approaches, we will learn more about what public health requirements will be necessary to host a safe camp experience and will communicate those decisions to our camper families.

Can I register my child for multiple sessions?

Yes, for 2022 we are allowing campers to register for multiple sessions. However, campers will need to leave the property with their parents in between sessions unless they are staying for both Rustin and Fell sessions. We are offering a stay-over weekend for teens in between these two sessions, for an additional cost of $200.

What resources is Friends Camp using to safely plan camp?

The State of Maine provides guidelines for youth camps to operate, which will be updated throughout the spring and summer. Friends Camp is active in the American Camp Association and Maine Summer Camps, two organizations that help camps deliver safe programs. In addition, Friends Camp has a Health and Safety Committee who are helping to guide and shape the policies and procedures this summer. If needed, we will use many layers of protection at camp in 2022, including face masks, cohorted grouping, testing, hand-washing, pre-arrival requirements, limiting trips by anyone in and out of camp, and more. We want to both provide needed information to families and stay flexible so that we can offer the safest and most practical experience we can this summer.