For Friends Meetings: Why Support Friends Camp

Your Meeting’s Gift to Friends Camp Inspires the Next Generation of Quakers: In 2019, over 400 different campers at Friends Camp will be loved for exactly who they are and honored for the Light of God within them. Campers who might be one of the only young people in their Monthly Meeting get to meet other young Quakers at Friends Camp. Campers help lead daily Business Meeting and learn the ways of group decision making while living in authentic community. Young people who didn’t know about Quakerism before camp are more likely to attend a local Meeting for Worship after learning about Quakerism through Friends Camp—whether this happens when they are 17 or 37. Campers participate in un-programmed Quaker Worship twice each day, once in the morning and once in an evening “Vespers.” Everyone deserves a chance to go to Friends Camp, not just those who can afford it without help. Your gift makes Friends Camp possible for families with low incomes! Campers and staff at Friends Camp engage in programming around racial justice and other movements inspired by the idea that all people are equal in the eyes of God. Young adult staff members learn about Quaker leadership through clerking staff meetings, seeking Truth together, and feeling empowered by giving back to their community. What other reasons would your Meeting add? Email to continue the conversation!

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Summer Camp Professionals!

Did you know that camp directors attend conferences with other camp directors in order to become even better at camp directing?! It's true! This winter season, Friends Camp Director Anna attended the CampMinder Conference in Boulder, CO, conferences with the American Camp Association in New Jersey and New Hampshire, and even helped facilitate conferences in Michigan and Florida with The Summer Camp Society. At the Tri-State Camp conference (the biggest gathering of camp pros in the world) in March, three additional camp staff joined Anna. Abby, our Meetinghouse/ arts & crafts director for 2019, traveled from Rochester to attend. Danny, who is helping to design and implement our new Counselor-in-Training program, drove over from Philly to be there, and Malcolm, our watercraft director this upcoming summer spent his spring break from college with us at the conference! Read Abby's reflections on the conference below. Reflection by Abby Hoover on the Tri-State Camp Conference Recently I was on spring break from school and during that time I attended the Tristate Camp Conference in Atlantic City with Anna, Danny, and Malcolm. For the three days I was at the conference I attended sessions on diversity, gender inclusion, different camp activities, went to a meet and greet for other LGBTQ+ camp professionals, heard a talk from Sir Ken Robinson about finding your passion, and made meaningful connections with other camp staff! One thing that stuck out to me during the sessions I attended was everyone’s desire to examine their camps’ practices and make intentional changes when it comes to gender, racial, and neurodiversity inclusion. I was able to speak to other camps’ staff about Friends Camp’s experience with gender expansive practices and also get new insight into how to be more inclusive and welcoming. Through [...]

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