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Welcome from new camp director, Anna Hopkins

September, 2016   Dear Friends, During this last month, I have been living at Friends Camp and have searched through the many boxes of old pictures and letters saved from the last 63 years of camp. It is endless fun to see the ways that camp has changed since it existed only in the Meetinghouse, which we now use as our art space. I find deep joy in the wonderful differences between every day, every session, and every year at Friends Camp. These differences arise from the ever-changing mosaic of community members, the inexhaustible creativity of camp staff, the leadership of passionate campers, and the spirit of good that moves through us in our times of reflection and of play. I believe it is the constant changes, in fact, that gives Friends Camp campers a sense of timelessness and allows campers to live in the moment. In a time of transition for Friends Camp, as we say goodbye to our beloved Nat Shed, it is helpful to remember that camp is constantly changing. It is changing because of the vitality and creativity of our many community members—campers, parents, staff and former staff, alumni, donors, Friends, and neighbors. I fell in love with the magic of summer camp when I was ten years old, but I didn’t fully appreciate the impact camp could have on young people – and, I believe, on the world—until I found Friends Camp. Over the past six years I have worked as a counselor and, more recently, and assistant director at Friends Camp. I am continually amazed by the warmth and power of our community. Here are some of my dreams and visions for camp in the next few years: Fostering [...]

Stay at Friends Camp during the 2016 Common Ground Fair on the nights of September 22, 23, 24 and 25.

We now have a new online registration and payment system for the fair weekend. You can sign-up for Common Ground Fair housing and tenting between now and September 24th.   To learn more about staying at Friends Camp during the fair please visit:  You can e-mail Anna Hopkins at - - or call 207-445-2361 - to ask questions about housing, meals etc. Please make your online reservation and payment by using this link Common Ground Fair Please note that we do not take phone or e-mail reservations. Between September 23rd and September 27th please contact Anna Hopkins (Director) at 207-445-2361.